Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I seem to be very sparatic at posting these blogs! We have been having a great summer. We have acquired two new toys...jet skis...this summer. We spend many Sunday afternoons on the lake. It has been great because we can just go up the road to Guist Creek and spend the afternoon. With gas prices as high as they are we can't go far! In July we took Cassidy to Gatlinburg for a few days. We had so much fun with her. We went to Dollywood and Splash Country and hung out at the pool alot! I spend as much of my free time as I can in the pool or at the lake...you know me, I love the water and Cassidy and Danny do also!
We were able to keep Jesse overnight for the first time this summer, and he had a blast! Man, the kid is growing like a weed. He has the best little personality! He loves his uncle D! They are ice cream buddies! I just can't imagine life without Jesse...what did we do before he came along! (I think family gatherings were boring before Jesse!) If I can just get him to say LoLo, we will be set! He says things like shoes, all gone, see ya, and bye bye daddy! I learned Sunday that he says bye bye daddy to everyone he sees! lol
Cassidy returns to school on August 13th...she will be in 7th grade! Time goes by so fast! She is going to be on her school's dance team this year and she is excited about that! She is a very talented dancer! Maybe she can teach me a move or two...lol! She just turned twelve...so we are heading to the teenage years! I pray she has a wonderful school year!
Well...I am going to turn in for the night. Until next time....God bless!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Well, we are finally back in the ville! I am so glad to be home near family and friends again! I have started my new job at Inspirations Salon and Danny is at Outer Loop. Things are going good for him there and I am so glad!
The salon I am working at is nice, and a relaxed atmosphere. The girls there are all fun to be around! I have begun to build a clientele and am positive things will go well there.
Not much else is going on! We had lunch with Jamie and Christy after church today. I was so glad to see Jesse! Gosh...he is getting so big so fast! SUPER FAST! :) If you read her blog you will see that he is walking and is unstoppable!
I hope to have more to tell you in the futre...so, tata for now!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Welcome to my first blog! My sister encouraged me to start one. I informed her that I simply did not have a lot going on to tell, but thought I would try anyway.
Danny and I are currently living in Bowling Green as many of you know. Aside from its geographic location, it isn't that bad. I have had the opportunity to work at a great salon...Sun Suites. The owner is really nice, the salon itself is really nice, and I am beginning to make friends with some of the employees. Danny enjoys his daily trip to what I call the sandbox...aka the landfill. He loves his job, though it is very demanding as he is running the show! He also must make the occasional trip to Louisville to assist in managing that facility. Seems as though he has been traveling alot lately. I must say I miss home and hope to be back soon.

Cassidy is growing fast! I remember when Danny and I first met how I would push her in the cart, because she fit in the front of it!! She is now 11 going on 21. She amazes me with her knowledge. She is so busy and social, that it often prevents us from having her on her scheduled weekend. Last month we didn't see her at all. We hate to deny her time with her friends or going to special events because that is part of what it is to be 11!!! When she is with us I get tickled at how we are now in the stages of 30 minute showers, curling irons, and flat irons!!! She is almost as tall as me and soon will pass Danny and I up I am afraid!! She has turned into a beautiful, funny, smart, and kind girl whom we are very proud of!!

I would now like to update you on the dogs. My boys...Princie and Bear. Bear is my baby...a true mama's boy...he still growls. Princie is adorable and has those sad eyes...he can't stand to be separated from me and from Bear...he still whines.

I will try to get on here and update when I do something other than make that trip the two blocks to wal-mart!! Hugs...Lauren